About Infrared and heat

Anyone done Hot stones massages or infrared massages? Heat therapy is often used to help alleviate aches and soreness. Although a controlled amount can be comfortable and soothing, more often than not in Sunny Singapore, the heat irritates us. As we can see from Infrared massages lamp, infrared is the main source for the heat we feel when sunlight reaches us.
When heat is soothing
When heat is soothing
Of the light that reaches us, did you know that out of the light that reaches us, up to 53% is Infrared? To make matters worse, contrary to popular beliefs, just because your windows are dark does not mean that infrared are being effectively blocked out! Being dark simply means that visible lights are being blocked off. What this means is that even with black out curtains, heat is still getting into your room!

If you think that just because you have closed your curtains and your room is pitch black, you are shielding yourself from the heat, think again! You might just be placing yourself in an oven!


To properly block out heat, you will need films that blocks out infrared along with visible light and UV light. At Oasis Deco, we can certainly help you with this. Our films can block out infrared totally, allowing you to feel comfortable in your home or in your vehicle. Contact us today to find out more!
Read more at: https://oasisdecoration.com/building-films/technology/

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