Simples way to reduce heat in your home

While numerous searches online will show you ways to reduce heat in your home by re-designing the entire structure of your house (think landed properties), in this guide, we will explain some way to reduce your home temperature!

  1. Use energy efficient LED bulbs
    Compared to traditional fluorescent or incandescent bulb, significantly higher portion of energy that goes into LED bulbs comes out as light. In fact, only 5% of energy that goes into typical incandescent comes out as light! Because of this, LED light can give out as much as 90% less heat!Although these may have high initial costs, in the long run it will in fact be cheaper with lower electrical bills.
  2.  Reduce humidity
    Vent clothes outdoor, cover pots when cooking, use exhaust fans while cooking, covering your fish tanks. All these can lead to reduced humidity and resulting in lower temperature.
  3. Using of ceiling fan
    Ceiling fan is much more efficient in reducing heat by dispersing hot air compared to wall/standing fans. Used together with air-conditioner for more significant effect!4.  Using of solar films
    Dread having to clean heavy blackout curtains/blinds which collects dust easily? Use our heat blocking solar film with 100% Infrared rejection! These has the additional benefit of having 100% UV rejection, hence, preventing discoloration of your furniture and electronics.

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