In Singapore, we are experiencing a phenomena termed as ‘Urban Heat Island Effect’. Urban spaces near the equator like Singapore tend to be much warmer due to the replacement of natural land covers with buildings and other infrastructure which both produce and retain heat. This in turn results in rising annual temperatures which viciously leads to heat stress as well as greater use of air-conditioning and increased consumption of energy.

At Oasis Deco, we are primed at providing Green Technology solutions for you to minimize your energy and power consumption. Unlike other solar films that only provides Ultraviolet (UV) protection, Oasis Deco’s Solar Films are designed to block out both UV and Infrared (IR) rays from the sun in order to keep your houses and cars cool. Our Green Technology comes proven with results and comes with 3 years warranty against peeling, colour fading, performance degradation, air bubbles and clarity degradation.

Oasis Deco films, with competitive pricing, allow you to have quick R.O.I.:

  • By blocking out heat, electrical usage due  to air-conditioner and fans will decrease. Furthermore, you no longer have to set your air-conditioner to the lowest temperature, increasing air-conditioner lifespan tremendously.
  • By allowing more light to get in, you can save on lightings. Save even more with our partnerships with reputable LED lighting firms to get you the best deals
  • By blocking out UV light, damages to your belongings and your skin will be kept to a minimum

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