car-window-tinting-bigA common frustration among drivers is the massive amount of heat accumulated when your car is left under the sun. A typical car in Singapore will experience a surge in temperature to above 60 degrees celcius when left under the sun for just 30 minutes! This overheating not only causes cosmetic damages to the car interior, it might potentially deteriorate your car performance and spoil any groceries you may have in your car.

While most cars come equipped with tinted windows or solar films to remedy the heat, the existing films/tints may not have the specifications to block out Infrared Rays (IR)                                                                                 which is the primary cause in overheating.

solar energy distributionMost films/tints today blocks out 99-100% of UV which range from 2-7% of the light spectrum that reaches us. The 44-49% of IR that reaches us, which is the main culprit in the heat we feel (*think infrared lamps), is neglected. We take pride in our films on having high IR rejection and UV rejection to help you achieve a comfortable ride and protect your vehicle.

Typically, are prices are $950 for small sedan, $1050 for mid sized vehicles and $1150 for large vehicles. For promotions and the different packages available, please contact                                                                               us for more information. We can be contacted at or the form                                                                                 below. We strive to reply in 24hours.