There are many window films products offered in the market to help you to reduce your heat. After years of talking to customers, we have refined our selections to make it really easy for you, our valued customers.

  1. Oasis Deco Privacy Film
  2. Oasis Deco Tinted Film
  3. Oasis Deco Clear Film

For the specifications of this films, please click here!

All our films almost completely eliminates infrared. This is the main bulk of the warmth you feel when direct sunlight enter through your windows and shines onto you. If your house is faced with long exposure of direct sunlight, our films are ideal for you.

In the long run, you are practically installing this film for free as you save on electrical bills (air-con and fans) and maintenance of these electrical appliances.

We have the meters to test all our specifications unlike competitors so that you can have peace of mind when purchasing from us.

Other uses of our films:
Achieving privacy
Reducing UV rays

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